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application to join eizx

on Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:03 pm
1- In-Game Name :Soulhunter LA
2- Age :15
3- Country :Pakistan
4- Previous clan :none
5- English (1-10) :11
6- Average time spent on servers : 2,3 hours
7- Experience with commands? (Yes/No) :yes
8- Why do you want to be a member of [EizX] because its my friends so i want to join it
9- Experience In Game : medium
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Re: application to join eizx

on Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:11 pm
dont apply on this website
use eizxclan.pw
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Re: application to join eizx

on Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:43 pm
No need to make a application at our new site as it's still in development but i will give the result on basis of this application !!
don't forget to contact us on discord to confirm your acceptance !!
# ACCEPTED ! as Trial!!
In the trial u will be tested like how u control the server with commands your skill and how you identify hacks !!
U will be scanned soon
Welcome to EizX !

#1 : Join EizX Discord. ( Discord Plugin on ur left hand side )
#2 : Read the rules of our clan.
#3 : Put [T.EzX] as your clan tag or Add T.EizX in ur name
#4 : Enjoy.


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Re: application to join eizx

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