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Admins Rules [EizX] Empty Admins Rules [EizX]

on Thu Dec 21, 2017 12:50 pm
Admin rules :
1. All Admins/Clan members MUST be present in our discord.
   [EizX] DISCORD - https://discord.gg/j87jzQx
2. Do NOT ask for promotion  at all. You will receive them for being active and helping the clan out.

3. Hackers = PERMBAN (!ban).

4. You MUST BE SURE before you ban a player that you think hacks.

5. Double clan is NOT allowed.

6. Do not ban other clan members without Founder or Owner's agreement.

7. Listen to Admins with higher level.

8. Do NOT ABUSE commands or a punishment is going to be executed to the abusive admin.

9. Be ACTIVE. Don't stay inactive more than 8 days without telling to Owner or Leader or you will be demoted or kicked out of the clan.

10. All admins can vote +1 or -1 when someone apply, but only Founder and Owner's can approve apps.

11. All admins need to use our clan tag which is [EizX]. Anything else is STRICTLY prohibited.

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