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ShooW_Tiim3 English  Empty ShooW_Tiim3 English

on Fri Jan 05, 2018 5:13 am
1- In-Game Name: ShooW_Tiim3
2- Age : 17 years / 7 March 2000
3- Country : Brazil
4- Previous clan:  none
5- English (1-10) :  do not know how to give a note to my English, I have a lot of trouble.
6- Average time spent on servers :  2 hours a day / weekend I get 4/5 hours a day
7- Experience with commands? (Yes/No) :  no, but I would like to learn that MW3 grows here in Brazil
8- Why do you want to be a member of [EizX] : First impression was the name, I liked it a lot, I played with some members of the clan and I thought they played well, and wanted to join the clan, not only for this but also I think they can help me to understand more about the Game
9- Experience In Game :  I do not know what to say, I'm kind of understanding the game, yes, I've played several games of this type, including I'm coming from the Combat Arms, I'm here on MW3 without translating without anything, I'm having a bit of difficulty, but I think I'll understand later
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ShooW_Tiim3 English  Empty Re: ShooW_Tiim3 English

on Fri Jan 05, 2018 11:34 pm

Welcome to EizX !

#1 : Join EizX Discord.
#2 : Read the rules of our clan.
#3 : Put [EizX] as your clan tag.
#4 : Enjoy.

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